Thursday, April 21, 2011

Latest on Negus Webster-Chan's Recruitment

By: Kevin Duffy

Louisville basketball lost a big 2012 recruit in Negus Webster-Chan this past week. However the Cardinals along with every other school in D1 basketball will be able to give their best pitch to the 6'7 shooting guard.

The Canadian product decommitted from Louisville on Tuesday because,"I just didn’t feel comfortable with all of the changes at Louisville. I had a great relationship with Coach Mark Lieberman and with his new role I just didn’t feel like it was best for me. I appreciate all of the Louisville fans that have showed their support for me and hope they understand",said Negus.

This shocked and then excited colleges around America. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Negus about his new recruitment options and more.

KD: So what schools are you considering now after you decommitted from Louisville?
NW: Everyone

KD: So you're still considering Louisville?
NW: Yeah I'm open to everyone right now.

KD: Playing with a lot of uncommited players with Team Takeover, would you want to play with them in college?
NW: Depends you know if its in the best interest for the both of us.

KD: How long do you plan to stay in college?
NW: All depends on how I develop.

KD: What position do you see yourself playing in college?
NW: Combo guard or straight Shooting Guard

KD: How is it to play at Hutchinson Prep with top prospects and how does that prepare you for college?
NW: It's really good and beneficial because I get to go up against top prospects everyday in practice and it makes me push myself harder whether it be doing weights or just practice. Huntington Prep is set up like a college program.

KD: Would you be more interested in college that gets people to the league faster or one that is usually of upper classmen?
NW: Whatever one is best for me to be successful.

KD: What are your goals for this summer?
NW: To prove I'm one of the best in my class and dominate and to win every game as a team.

KD: What do you feel you have to improve?
NW: Everything man, can't ever be satisfied.

KD: What camps are you going to this summer?
NW: Only confirmed camp I'm going to right now is the NBA Top 100 Camp.

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