Friday, April 8, 2011

One on One with Virginia Tech commit Robert Brown.

By: Kevin Duffy

The Virginia Tech basketball program hasn't made an NCAA Tournament appearance in four years and there has been only one NBA Draft pick in the last 11 years.

Meet Robert Brown. The 2011 Hokie commit is trying to accomplish both feats in his career. Most Division-1 athletes "try" to accomplish this but in this case Brown and the Hokie's have a serious shot of fulfilling this goal.

Seth Greenberg and his staff have compiled a good group of incoming freshman to add on to his solid team. The class is the 13th best recruiting class according to

I recently had the opportunity to talk to the 79th ranked prospect according to

KD: Why did you decide to attend Virginia Tech?
RB: I like the school. The program really fit my style of play which is going up and down and scoring a lot. Also I looked at the roster and I will be able to come in and play a lot.

KD: Talk about the future of Virginia Tech.
RB: I think the sky is the limit. We have a great recruiting class, we have great seniors who will provide veteran leadership, we have Jarrell and Allen there too. We really want to get to the tournament.

KD: Can you talk about the specific players in your recruiting class:
Dorian Finney-Smith: I've never seen him play but a friend of mine went to a camp with him and he said he has a very good mid range game and he's a very good perimeter defender.

C.J Barksdale: C.J is a very smart low post player. He's an excellent rebounder and he's a good passer. He can kick it out for the open shots.

Marquis Rankin: Marquis is a really dominant defensive point guard and I don't think we have a lot of them in my class, he really likes to get it on D. He can also push the ball and pass the ball well.

KD: How was it to play with two of your future teammates in high school and the chemistry it created?
RB: It's a very big advantage going into our freshman year. We know each others game really well and we're able to play off that.We have formed a bond that is so tight that we are really like brothers.

KD: How would you describe your game?
RB: I am very athletic but if you give me a jump shot I'll knock it down. I like to shoot the 3 but I'm also someone who likes to drive the lane and finish.

KD: What are your goals for next year?
RB: Like every freshman coming in I want to win ACC Freshman of the Year and National Freshman of the Year. As a team which is more important we want to win the ACC and get into the NCAA tournament and win but more importantly to get into the tournament which we haven't been in for four years.

KD: What do you feel you have to improve?
RB: Oh wow the list goes on and on. Mainly my perimeter D, rebounding, my shooting could always be worked on, my pull up jump shot, my passing. If I had to pick one it would definitely be my defense.

KD: How would you describe yourself outside of basketball?
RB: Me without basketball, I don't really have that. My whole life basically revolves around basketball. But when I'm with my friends I'm a jokester and I like to have people around me. Mostly I like to have fun.

KD: What are your plans for the summer?
RB: Well I graduate from Hargrave Academy May 14th. Summer school at VT starts May 23rd so I'm going to have a week at home and then I'm going right to the weight room and working on my game.

KD: How would you describe your game Austin Rivers game as you have played him in high school and you will play him in the future?
RB: I played against Austin about 40 times in my life and played with him in a few tournaments. He could pretty much do anything he wants in the game. He's a very good ball handler, and he can get to the rim on anybody.If he's hitting his jump shot he will knock it down every time. I would say his only weakness is his defense but I know his Dad and his work ethic so he will be working on that.

KD: How long do you see yourself in college?
RB: That's a very good question because I've talked to my friend Shane(Larkin) who's playing at DePaul next year about it. He's my friend so we always talk each other's heads up and he said if I go in there and score a lot of points and play well maybe I'll leave in one year. Realistically probably 2 to 3 years.

KD: Anything you have to say to Virginia Tech fans?
RB: Just watch out for us for next year we're going to make some noise. We're hoping to win the ACC and put Virginia Tech basketball on the map and turn it from a football school to a basketball school.

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